We Must Parent Our Children Well

Many of our children from 2 to 18 years of age behave like miniature adults: extremely aggressive, overly competitive, ignorantly fearless, too sensitive, hard-headed, sinfully liberal and insensitive to Black suffering. Furthermore, our youth are vulgar, have no respect for adults/elders, dress like vagrants and lack basic etiquette. Black children are experiencing an intellectual, spiritual and moral crisis. More than half of all Black children do not finish high school. And for the ones that advance to post-graduate education, they are anti-intellectual. In addition, they have a perverse sense of entitlement that makes them almost unbearable in the eyes of righteous adults.

Our children are growing up with very limited adult influence/supervision. We are failing our children; thus destroying any possibility of having a positive future for the Black race. Which begs the question- "Where are we heading Black people?" We Must Teach Our Children Well demands that the Black community take responsibility for Black children.

We Must Teach Our Children Well
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