LAUGHINGSTOCKS: The zIONIST-Comedic Destruction of Black Dignity

Comedy and laughter are necessary components of our existence. Like it or not Black comedians have wielded an extraordinary influence in the minds of Black people. However, for our people joking and laughing has gone way too far. Instead of comedy being entertainment that lifts us during leisure, it has become like a poison that steadily erodes our dignity. During the 60s and 70s we gained an awesome knowledge of ourselves which was supposed to have transformed us into a serious people who focused on education, Black economics and fighting racism white supremacy. We have allowed degenerate comedy to side track our efforts towards self-determination. Too much Black comedy is largely about shameless self-hating putdowns and indecency. At the conclusion of this presentation, we should have learned about:

1) The origins of Black Comedy

2) Who are the major players

3) The zionist control/manipulation of Black Comedy

4) How buffoonish Black comedy obliterates our self-respect

5) Solutions to recapture Black self-respect.

LAUGHINGSTOCKS: The zIONIST-Comedic Destruction of Black Dignity
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