The World is Anti-Black

Black people all over the world have been subjected to enslavement, oppression, cultural subjugation, gentrification and political marginalization. We have endured the most vile treatment purely based on the color of our skin. While the history of the despicable exploitation of Afrikan people is well documented in the united states and other european nations including israel, racism also exists in many Asian and Arab nations like China, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Palestine, etc. What is most disturbing is that there is also systemic racism in many (colonized) nations of South America and the Caribbean Islands such as the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Cuba, Mexico and Puerto Rico. In addition, anti-Black sentiment is present in all the major religions --Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Sikhism-- even though this behavior contradicts the edicts of these various religions. This is largely due to the fact that our image has been corrupted around the globe by former arab and white slave monsters. Most human behavior is controlled by images. Image is a factor in how people look at themselves and what they use to reflect themselves. The control of images is a major factor in world power. – Dr. John H. Clarke There have been a multitude of brave individuals and movements to counter the worldwide phenomenon of anti-Black racism. However, as a collective, Black people have yet to embrace a potent and sustained response to our global mistreatment. This discussion, The World Is Anti-Black, scrutinizes global racism and offers tangible solutions.
The World is Anti-Black
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